20 Oct

 The answer to the ? Can Malala and the answer is that this sixth generation has already changed the psyche of the nation and that is the glow of hope. Taliban are our enemy and we can not negotiate the term of terror. We must hunt them down with all our might where ever they are, No body can find the justification in Quran or Hadith for retrogressive laws which Taliban want to promulgate in the society. The weaker links are the conservative element in armed forces and closet talibs in Sharif brothers as reared by the bigoted Dictator General Zia. Imran Khan who I admire for his honesty has misdirected leaning of compromise with terrorist and that will never pay. Our present Government is democratic and secular in inclination which includes PPP. ANP and MQM. Punjab is the Key where Taliban are reared and helped by uneducated tribal elements in KP and Balochistan. Our biggest internal Drones are Munnawar, Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Sami, Saeed , Fazal and Like. They Kill in thousand and terrorize the whole country while American drones only Kill a few dozen as collateral damage. Shot fired in the head of brave little Malala I hope is a turning point and will result in complete defeat of Islamist and the political leaders who sympathize with Taliban in the next general election.


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