8 Dec

Punjab nationalism is not a problem but lack of leadership is. Punjab in majority should have produced a national leader to lead but they never did. Imran does have that appeal but he has to work harder. In my opinion playing field should be made even by creating equal units. Punjabi wont cease to be Punjabi except the province as we know. It reminds me of prediction as Moulana Azad did in 1946.He hit the nail right on the head.Every body should read his statements, We are five nations according to definition of two nation theory with common religion. Feudal system which keeps the people subjugated and illiterate is a cancer in the body of the nation. This is the most degenerated segment of the society and needs to be liquidated to preserve the union. Recently education budget has been reduced from 7% to 1/2% according to Ataur Rehman. It tells the story.Do not blame ANP and MQM , they are taking care of their vote bank. We need a national leader from  Punjab  and thats the need of the moment


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