The King

28 Apr

Once upon a time there was a king who was crowned five times. He did have a murky history of stealing from the bank and turning over his worthless assets in return. Those assets are in dispute for the last fifteen years. While he was king for fourth time he tried to pass 15th amendment to declare himself Amir-ul- Momanin but did not succeed. He did because he was injected with Taliban germ by his God Father a bigoted dictator Zia who also adopted him as son. The fifth time when he was crowned things really went thru his head , he attacked SC physically. He fired two COAS easily creating resentment in the army because it was done arbitrarily. He was on seventh heaven and his COAS who used to be commando was in the air ,he fired him and kept him in air till petroleum runs out . Commando is commando he took charge and his generals on the ground did the rest. The king became a prisoner and though he descended from the Beautiful valley of Kashmir he agreed to go in the desert under the protection of protector of two noble sanctuaries for a period of ten years and kept his wealth. In the mean time a senior judge betrayed the chief justice and took the oath and validated the actions of the commando according to well established precedence and practice of judicial terrorist as practiced by the first CJ on. But a few months before 2007, heard from the great vine in Lahore that Kings wealth is going to bring the change . Money brought the change by biased decision by His Lordship and subsequent birth of lawyers movement . Commando made a mistake by misreading the leaves. He should have stepped down and could easily come back after a few years. He brought progress in every segment of society. Me a die hard believer in democracy soften up a little bit and developed some admiration. Also death of ex popular PM complicated the situation in a public meeting during his reign. He left the country and returned to contest the election. His vote bank happen to be the same as of an emerging leader handsome Imran Khan. Arch enemy Iftikhar of Arsalaan khan fame became active and he is removed from the political stage. The man who received money according to Asghar Khan case is predited to win the election. I wish he will step down like Sonia Gandhi and let younger generation run the country. Only one Caveat that there is handsome young leader with young follower and urban non working wives may change the equation. Now you tell me who is wrong and who broke the constitution. Can same CJ and his court take opposite stand ? I’ll let you decide it. Army is our final protector.
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