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Our ills

16 May

Charity begins at home. Let us talk about Shia, Ahmadi, Hindu, Sikhs and Christians and down trodden people in bondage in villages, hungary and ill clad in the slums, danda brigade of His Holiness and injustices of their Lordships. There are plenty you have to pay attention. Racist attitude resulted in bifurcation of the country thus Bangladesh was born where Sala Bengali lives There is no ill which you do not have as a nation. there is no equality and brotherhood nor the fair treatment of women. Its the most brutal society for women. You know what honor killing is? Let us correct all these before we point finger to far off land. I love Pakistan, I support Pakistan in any way I can ,there is not one day passes when I don’t find myself defending my mother land though its much inferior in every respect. We practice better Islam here than which you do with Danda. US policy is always based on finance and economics and not on race in foreign relation. They want to make more money to keep up the standard of living for their people . Americans are salesmen and trader. You need intellectual sophistication to comprehend it.You have to get out of your hatred and prejudice. There are ills in US society but look a black man whose mother lived on the food stamps is the president,a son of the mill worker is the vice president , a man who worked as a janitor is the speaker of the house.Your income per capita is $2100 while US has $48000. GDP is 16 trillion more than China and India combined. There are 3000 institution of higher learning some of them best in the world. Pakistani are in high earning group. We need to do the nation building in Pakistan and not suicide bombing. We should live and let live. Your anxiety level is too high , cool down. talk with reason and logic and not emotions and blind hatred. USA is the best and humane country in the world but again nobody is perfect including USA. It has the most educated and prosperous Muslim community in the world. God be with you.


Imran Khan.

15 May

Negative thinking never helps but positive does. small parties exist because of insecurity and injustice. MQM was basically started beside political and other reasons because Bhutto introduced the urban and rural divide. Instead of bringing Sindhis to the standard of education of Mohajirs he created the rift . That was wrong . There was no such law introduced in any other province. There was another problem that Punjab could not produce a national leader after the break up of one unit which terrified the smaller units. Majority refused not only to produce a leader but also refused to follow. Best example is Uttar Pradesh in India a province of 200 million people but accepts the national verdict. Now here comes Imran. Educated,open minded and rightfully believes in the whole country and is from majority province. People believe in him and that makes small parties irrelevant , they will eventually disappear through democratic process .Wa do not have to Kill Altaf or not follow Nawaz. We do not need turmoil. In strong hold of MQM, 30% voted for Imran Khan , ANP is annihilated . Imran has put us on different trajectory . He is a true national leader in the making and converting all provinces into one country. Thats a remarkable change. We should stop fighting about history. Let us go forward and eventually create two party system to run the country smoothly.

My Islam

6 May

It is your responsibility as a fellow muslim to teach if you think one is misguided and also to non Muslims.(dawa). Tabligh to muslims. May be I do not believe yours and your Taliban’s Islam. I think I am a pious muslim by observing Taqwa and taking responsibility for my own acts. Taqwa to me means thought purification of an individual and not community teaching and post Rasool interpretation by Arabs. To attain piety as Rasool taught.Piety is attained through five Araakans. If one is honest to himself then spiritual Islam can guide you through ethical life leading to ultimate contended soul ( Nafs Mutmaina) I take Quran as a whole holy book and not segmentally as by Taliban so they can get the meaning they want. This is intellectual dishonesty for the sake of political power. Being responsible for own deeds makes it a personal religion . In the end one has to purify the thought process and then every thing becomes easy . May be it is not your brand of Islam but thats what I have taught myself with the help of eminent teachers.


5 May


Sohail Pasha • 7 hours ago

Chief Justice sahib says “the lawyers’ movement made the people understand the importance of the constitution, rule of law and independence of judiciary, and now nobody can now bring any provisional constitutional order”. Mr CJ the truth or the reality is that if Musharraf had not tried to dismiss you and your fellow PCO judges every thing would have been hunky dorrie and Musharraf would have still been President possibly and you and the rest of PCO judges would have carried on. so what is the truth? now taking your word sir that “the lawyers’ movement was the “awaking” for the masses, including you and your fellow cohorts (since you all were PCO judges at the time and still snoring) as to what is and is not right, and since no one else has been penalized then why cant you and your courts give President Musharraf the same benefit of doubt that he too has had an “awaking” and that he too understand the importance of the constitution, rule of law and independence of judiciary, and now nobody can now bring any provisional constitutional order”. your words are great unfortunately it is your deeds and action that stink. you go on to say that the lawyers movement ” was not politically led; rather, the politicians followed and joined,” that on the surface may be true but since then it is plain as this movement was that you and your fellow judges have since joined the political movements and that is evident from your actions, not one case you or you senior judges have taken against Nawaz sharif or his party. one of the most corrupt politicians of our history and not a finger is lifted against him or his party, no suo moto action in punjab. no corruption cases. and you say there is an “awaking”. I think that you sir have gone back to asleep, back to the good old days. who says PCO is not dead. sir there is still a PCO around, just a different enforcer PCO (provisional chief justice order). Good Sir I have the utmost respect for the office of the chief justice my sincere wish is that it continues to hold the utmost respect and honor that it deserves in all our eyes but you sir have put a tarnished on it like no one before just like the present President has tarnished the presidency. I would like to remind you of one thing the next time you have a moment alone, think about this we all have to face out ultimate judge one day soon. can we account for or justify and defend our action in court of courts. repent now! correct now! and stop the witch hunt.


5 May

O you who have believed, indeed, intoxicants, gambling, [sacrificing on] stone alters [to other than Allah ], and divining arrows are but defilement from the work of Satan, so avoid it that you may be successful.
Satan only wants to cause between you animosity and hatred through intoxicants and gambling and to avert you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. So will you not desist?
They ask you about wine and gambling. Say, “In them is great sin and some benefit for people. But their sin is greater than their benefit”
O you who have believed, do not approach prayer while you are