My Islam

6 May

It is your responsibility as a fellow muslim to teach if you think one is misguided and also to non Muslims.(dawa). Tabligh to muslims. May be I do not believe yours and your Taliban’s Islam. I think I am a pious muslim by observing Taqwa and taking responsibility for my own acts. Taqwa to me means thought purification of an individual and not community teaching and post Rasool interpretation by Arabs. To attain piety as Rasool taught.Piety is attained through five Araakans. If one is honest to himself then spiritual Islam can guide you through ethical life leading to ultimate contended soul ( Nafs Mutmaina) I take Quran as a whole holy book and not segmentally as by Taliban so they can get the meaning they want. This is intellectual dishonesty for the sake of political power. Being responsible for own deeds makes it a personal religion . In the end one has to purify the thought process and then every thing becomes easy . May be it is not your brand of Islam but thats what I have taught myself with the help of eminent teachers.


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