Imran Khan.

15 May

Negative thinking never helps but positive does. small parties exist because of insecurity and injustice. MQM was basically started beside political and other reasons because Bhutto introduced the urban and rural divide. Instead of bringing Sindhis to the standard of education of Mohajirs he created the rift . That was wrong . There was no such law introduced in any other province. There was another problem that Punjab could not produce a national leader after the break up of one unit which terrified the smaller units. Majority refused not only to produce a leader but also refused to follow. Best example is Uttar Pradesh in India a province of 200 million people but accepts the national verdict. Now here comes Imran. Educated,open minded and rightfully believes in the whole country and is from majority province. People believe in him and that makes small parties irrelevant , they will eventually disappear through democratic process .Wa do not have to Kill Altaf or not follow Nawaz. We do not need turmoil. In strong hold of MQM, 30% voted for Imran Khan , ANP is annihilated . Imran has put us on different trajectory . He is a true national leader in the making and converting all provinces into one country. Thats a remarkable change. We should stop fighting about history. Let us go forward and eventually create two party system to run the country smoothly.


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