Our ills

16 May

Charity begins at home. Let us talk about Shia, Ahmadi, Hindu, Sikhs and Christians and down trodden people in bondage in villages, hungary and ill clad in the slums, danda brigade of His Holiness and injustices of their Lordships. There are plenty you have to pay attention. Racist attitude resulted in bifurcation of the country thus Bangladesh was born where Sala Bengali lives There is no ill which you do not have as a nation. there is no equality and brotherhood nor the fair treatment of women. Its the most brutal society for women. You know what honor killing is? Let us correct all these before we point finger to far off land. I love Pakistan, I support Pakistan in any way I can ,there is not one day passes when I don’t find myself defending my mother land though its much inferior in every respect. We practice better Islam here than which you do with Danda. US policy is always based on finance and economics and not on race in foreign relation. They want to make more money to keep up the standard of living for their people . Americans are salesmen and trader. You need intellectual sophistication to comprehend it.You have to get out of your hatred and prejudice. There are ills in US society but look a black man whose mother lived on the food stamps is the president,a son of the mill worker is the vice president , a man who worked as a janitor is the speaker of the house.Your income per capita is $2100 while US has $48000. GDP is 16 trillion more than China and India combined. There are 3000 institution of higher learning some of them best in the world. Pakistani are in high earning group. We need to do the nation building in Pakistan and not suicide bombing. We should live and let live. Your anxiety level is too high , cool down. talk with reason and logic and not emotions and blind hatred. USA is the best and humane country in the world but again nobody is perfect including USA. It has the most educated and prosperous Muslim community in the world. God be with you.


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