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Crystal Ball

27 Jul

This nomination slate is very interesting. Two Urdu speaking Indian born citizen are nominated, There are two things which stand out after Imran’s good showing in the stronghold of MQM in the last election and ANP in opposition in KP. MQM has adversarial role in Sindh with PPP and ANP. MQM as a secular party gives moderating image to PMLN the rightist religious party but also gets in the main stream. Most likely if Nawaz plays his hand well he can get entry outside Punjab which he badly needs to become a national party.PPP will align with ANP and Q group beside some small parties. MQM eventually will become extinct and rightfully so after making the Urdu speaking part of the main stream. Democracy in evolution if you may. There will be three national parties after 20 years if army doesn’t take over and Talban’s Sharia is not imposed. Both appears to be unlikely because of younger population and higher education in future. i see a bright future.


Different Religions

24 Jul

Hinduism is essentially a religion of inclusion thus including all kind of gods and deity over long run and has become a way of life. Abrahamic religion are religion of exclusion and inflexible in basic belief. Islam is peculiar in the sense that everybody is responsible for his own acts and Taqwa or piety is the ultimate aim . There is no religious leader like Pope or Rabi. Only 1.1 million catholic listen to pope and other christian have their own leaders. Muslims do not need the leader except when they congregate to pray then ‘ one among you who is most pious ‘ is superior can lead the prayer. Political power and economic interest has created fundamentalist to certain extent . Those who do not want interference in their life with practice of religion are called enlightened. Caliphs immediately after Rasool were political governors as the population at that time were informed and newly converted. Moreover they were all Arabs. ‘The Ummah at best is an abstract nation of faith with different culture ,countries and nationalities. Religion is not a physical entity. For these reason Islam is easiest religion to practice and concept of one God makes it a unifying force . Practice of five Araakans is easy and doable and leads to ethical life and Nafs Mutmaina ‘ contended soul ‘ as defined in Quran. You may call it Nirvana attained while living a normal life