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27 Aug

To me Islam means following message which was delivered through messenger.I read the Quran many times and closed it and then thought what I learned. I learned message was to lead an ethical life and have contended soul ( Nafs Mutmaina).The methodology included prayer with devotion, earnest fasting and keep working and living normally. Give away a percentage of hard earned savings ( ? now a days we have income tax, sales tax, property tax etc ) .Believe in community and universal brotherhood. ( Friday and Hajj congregation respectively.) Basically every body is responsible for his own deeds according to personal ability and understanding. No body can be made responsible by the rules made by others for personal behavior as one is limited what he is endowed with. This is Islam . Of course we believe in one God and attain everything through Taqwa (thought purification ) for physical and intellectual acts). I am a Sunni muslim by birth as society classifies me. To me rules made out by fertile minds of Four famous Sunni Imams and twelve Shia Imams mean nothing. They were political leaders of their times. God wants me to be responsible for my own deeds then I can not follow rules made out by Islamic politician of any time.This is my spiritual religion.


Democracy and Theocracy

12 Aug
Laulak Siddique Read the other side of the story. You are living in USA. I’ll suggest go to a local library or to your state collage library or get access to National Library and read the reporting.If you have opened mind you will change it. I am not ‘defender of the faith’ rather worshipper of truth.Thats was Quran teaches us. I am secular and observant Muslim. I have gone for Hajj and taken my younger kids for Umra. I am a spiritual Muslim and not Political. You it looks to me opted for the other way round. I did not twist your words and understood as you wrote and what you wrote. I want you to read Jinnah’s speeches from 1946 till his death and tell me what he was.Was he secularist? I think he was.He was more than that . He was culturally Muslim And wanted a culturally Muslim State and not a theocracy. Do not live in history and develop hatred and anger.As I said before let us go forward , vote in the next election. As an honest citizen devoid of hatred and anger Accept the judgment of the people and abide with the rules of democracy rather than personal ideology and its imposition on others. I know Hindus in Karachi and they are descent people, I had Hindu classmates in Lahore and they were like any other human beings.They did not have horns coming out on their head.

Individual Freedom

12 Aug

You are right,education is basic and religion is personal for moral and spirituality. Human as you pointed out always have vested interests above everything. It is recognized in the west as well as in India. It is known as private enterprise and entrepreneurship . It causes intense desire to invent, create and succeed. A selfish system if you may lifts the society and crates wealth for the country and benefits every citizen in the long run. One who are more capable are rewarded more and those who are unfortunate are provided in one form or the other ” roti , Kapra and Makan “but no luxury or equality.Political equality as a voter ,yes, Demand of equality for protection and peace in the society are indeed met as well as justice system. USA is an extreme example of private enterprise but 300 million generate $ 16 trillion annually which is more than India and China combined which has a population of 2.5 Billions. Such is the power of private efforts. USA citizen also give $300 billion in Charity. Domestic or cleaning lady lives better than some middle class in lot of countries. In other words quality of life and standard of living matters. It thus produces a society where one can developed genetically provided endowment. The mother of president of USA lived on Food Stamps but she earned a PhD. The father of vice president was a mill worker and the speaker of the house was a janitor. At the end of the day freedom in every sense only matters.