27 Aug

To me Islam means following message which was delivered through messenger.I read the Quran many times and closed it and then thought what I learned. I learned message was to lead an ethical life and have contended soul ( Nafs Mutmaina).The methodology included prayer with devotion, earnest fasting and keep working and living normally. Give away a percentage of hard earned savings ( ? now a days we have income tax, sales tax, property tax etc ) .Believe in community and universal brotherhood. ( Friday and Hajj congregation respectively.) Basically every body is responsible for his own deeds according to personal ability and understanding. No body can be made responsible by the rules made by others for personal behavior as one is limited what he is endowed with. This is Islam . Of course we believe in one God and attain everything through Taqwa (thought purification ) for physical and intellectual acts). I am a Sunni muslim by birth as society classifies me. To me rules made out by fertile minds of Four famous Sunni Imams and twelve Shia Imams mean nothing. They were political leaders of their times. God wants me to be responsible for my own deeds then I can not follow rules made out by Islamic politician of any time.This is my spiritual religion.


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