Hadees & Quran

17 Sep

I have promised myself not to answer you because of your abusive language and vindictive unreasonable comments. 
But the question is important and needs to be answered. Any Hadith which can not be supported by Quran is not acceptable. Any hadith which can be supported by Quran is not needed as one can directly get the information. If you know Hadith collection in an organized form was started over 200 years by Senior Bokhari and latter on his son and another student Muslim as a verbal history. Al Ghazali 300 years after hijrat conceptualized Sharia mixing with Fiqha information with Hadith. So was born a religion which was imposed from the top and thus gave birth to fundamentalism and suicide bombers. There are scores of translation and Tafsirs now available and also remember Allah’s promise of making our religion easy. Grant you teachers were needed when literacy rate was less than !% but not now at some places its approaching 100%. Our religion is religion of individual responsibility and Allah in his wisdom has also given us independence of thought and action and has also given us the outline . The outline that is five Arkaan for us to follow and attain moral life and peace of mind. Its a religion for grass root and not for imposition through Sharia and to be imposed from top . Moreover Sharia has not worked in any country because it is man made, contaminated by Arab Culture and their tribal traditions and primitive nature. Teach yourself by using resources from Quran. Use the book as composite and not in part. I will not recommend Moududi or Qutub. Remember because of individual responsibility we can follow religion to the best of our ability as given by God and will be answerably within those limits. I do not think a feeble man will be asked why he can not run a mile in four minutes. These are my thoughts with facts but you can treat’em any way you want. Remember there is no compulsion in Islam.


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