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Tehderness and Science

27 Oct

Siddhartha Mukherjee is like an artist who sees a dew on the central vein of a leaf early in the morning when sun is rising , takes his imagination from material to abstract world and then paints ,may be an abnormal leaf shining up front enlightening the spectators but gives a background of small leaves in the shadow to complete the picture to include the whole scene thus making the end result as perfect observation. He wrote a beautiful piece.


Our Dilemma

25 Oct

It’s difficult to legislate moral and social values. Religious and social structure are quite rigid in the subcontinent particularly with low level of education and discrimination of all kind passed on by successive generation of elders. One can see the baneful effects in our day to day life. Restrictive human rights are only allowed. Fortunately western gift of democracy with equality in this global village will reduce the unwanted interference . Education and judicial honest justice will create law abiding citizen, till then we will suffer with the prejudice, hatred and even intellectual dishonesty. We on our part should stop passing on hatred like our fore fathers.

Individual and Islam

17 Oct

I guess you and I are exactly saying the same thing except in different order. To me Islam lies in the words of Quran as revealed to messenger and not in subsequent history of its interpretation by various Arab and Iranian and central Asian Scholars for people where literacy rate was under 1% and extended over three hundred years and some of the creation of fertile mind. Just think how many dozen Tafseers are available. I have struggled with it as a believer. After reading Quran multiple times the message looks to be’ honesty and good moral’ values that is Taqwa. That is the core of the teaching. After you close the holy book and think about it as a whole then two thing rise in the understanding that ethical life and attaining of contended soul is the main issue. This you can only have in living an spiritual life of piety. It is humanly not possible to attain this according to understanding of others but according to capability endowed in the individual. Thus the concept of individual responsibility makes sense for reward and punishment for life hereafter and contended self ( Nafs Mutmaina ) in this world.To me its that simple. I have no need for Hadees which does not jive with Quran and man made Sharia and principle of jurisprudence espoused by four Sunni and twelve Shia Imam. With my understanding Islam is for all time for the mankind, 
NO place for spirituality of the monks , grave worship or beggary etc. Do you agree?


Solution through democracy

16 Oct

Issue is primitive and is very much alive emotionally. Islamic belief and practice has fair amount of falsehood.There is no civilized group in matter of faith when it has nothing to do with spirituality and only politics and power.It is not absurd to talk about Ansars. Read the proceeding of events before the death of prophet and after the role of companions. The best politician won and he nominated his successor. Subsequent to first Caliph three were killed. None of them were divine, were good muslim but with ambition and had no method of selection. They were all one big family.Do not ask me about Hazrat Abubakar 1400 years latter and I am not Arab but South Asian Sunni with Shia relatives . I can not take sides but think as neutral observer. I was not there. History is not very reliable because good element of verbal transmission is there. I can feel your pain for honest discussion . I mentioned Mujib to emphasize the ambition in a political atmosphere. What we need is pure law and order as a state policy and rule of the majority and let the chip fall where they will. Iran and Iraq will have Shia dominated government and Syria will have Sunni dominated government. Free expression of opinion on even field should be our aim. Manipulation should be avoided though its not always possible. Free market concept will bring an optimum life style. We should promote spirituality on voluntary basis in the practice of Islam and not man made laws of Sharia which do not make sense today. Morals can not be legislated neither we can control our women through multiple marriages at younger and younger age. They make half of the population and should have a chance to participate in country’s affair. There are seven billion people in this diverse world and can not be controlled by practicing Arab culture. Let us practice spiritual Islam of ethical life and contended soul as Quran teaches us.


15 Oct

It will be great choice if he is only used for grass root , talking to voters guided by public relation firm with sexual appeal . Females will go crazy if he is presented as idealist messiah. He does not need name recognition. Father the most astute politician can manage from the back ground. Sharifs progeny do not have charm , smart or education. He is great grand child of Sir Shahnawaz , grandson of ZAB , son of Bibi and Zardari . He comes with good genes , looks , education and pedigree. I wont write him off. Dad has enough money to prepare him 

Tribal culture

15 Oct

That is so beautiful, …allah created everyone equal… wants one to be responsible for own acts….but how many follow it in practice? reality we find Pakistanis running to take responsibility for action of non-deliverers!!! If the real meaning of Taqwa is as above and if Muslims are true Muslims in Pakistan, nobody should have an objection if I am a Christian or atheist and call myself Muslim? Alas, I know that if I was a neighbor living in Pakistan, a lynch mob would arrive at my door. Just saying that my God is the only God or the greatest one and all (hypothetically speaking) would invite a charge of blasphemy and I will be rotting in a jail like that poor christian mother ‘Asia?” and perhaps slowly poisoned in my meals.

    thoughtpurification  Ajay 

    You are describing the reality on the ground due to our tribal cultural religion of uninformed ritual practicing muslims. Above all this is the region which contributed fodder for the guns for British. 5%of feudal own the whole country. We have long way to go but geopolitical issues are creating hinderances and obstructions.We are in a mess with factors beyond our control. We had 3% growth rate and have peaceful transfer of power. This may not sound too much to you but we are getting there. India has fair laws I guess but they are not always implemented and if they are then not fairly in many cases. Change your name and pose as a muslim in some other area and you may be surprised.


14 Oct

He gave us the message in writing and through memorization.Its for us to understand according to our ability and lead an ethical life in 21st century. The creator has made us responsible according to our endowed ability. Its very simple. Message is for all the time according to persons ability and time. This is living spirituality in real world. Prophet was not divine, he was a messenger and human being. Thats the beauty of the religion.