Culture and Religion

14 Oct

Jewish fundamentalist in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv , Christians in bible belt of South USA and political hate group of Shiv Sena and BJP in India are the example which can be quoted..Read the bloody Christian history of Europe . Saudia is only muslim fundamentalist state which has its own rule but not because of religion. There is diversity in India among Hindus and I don’t mean caste system. Now Muslims live in 68 countries and has 1.4 billion adherents with one book but innumerable group or cultures. It depends whom you are exposed to and you form a specific opinion. Garlic eating South Asians are looked different than Garlic eating French. There are too many factors and any criticism is wrong.Most of the terrorist have no knowledge of religion. They only know fundamental ritual and they call it religion. There is no spirituality in it. In reality we mix it with socio -political factors on this flat world where people are crossing borders easily though we always thought world is round. It appears globalization is doing a good job proving that economic is the best glue. Thats why every body admires and hates USA. 
Democracy in every country has to evolve according to the genius of its people and local factors and its wrong to judge with preconceived ideas and look for uniformity.


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