Tribal culture

15 Oct

That is so beautiful, …allah created everyone equal… wants one to be responsible for own acts….but how many follow it in practice? reality we find Pakistanis running to take responsibility for action of non-deliverers!!! If the real meaning of Taqwa is as above and if Muslims are true Muslims in Pakistan, nobody should have an objection if I am a Christian or atheist and call myself Muslim? Alas, I know that if I was a neighbor living in Pakistan, a lynch mob would arrive at my door. Just saying that my God is the only God or the greatest one and all (hypothetically speaking) would invite a charge of blasphemy and I will be rotting in a jail like that poor christian mother ‘Asia?” and perhaps slowly poisoned in my meals.

    thoughtpurification  Ajay 

    You are describing the reality on the ground due to our tribal cultural religion of uninformed ritual practicing muslims. Above all this is the region which contributed fodder for the guns for British. 5%of feudal own the whole country. We have long way to go but geopolitical issues are creating hinderances and obstructions.We are in a mess with factors beyond our control. We had 3% growth rate and have peaceful transfer of power. This may not sound too much to you but we are getting there. India has fair laws I guess but they are not always implemented and if they are then not fairly in many cases. Change your name and pose as a muslim in some other area and you may be surprised.


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