Solution through democracy

16 Oct

Issue is primitive and is very much alive emotionally. Islamic belief and practice has fair amount of falsehood.There is no civilized group in matter of faith when it has nothing to do with spirituality and only politics and power.It is not absurd to talk about Ansars. Read the proceeding of events before the death of prophet and after the role of companions. The best politician won and he nominated his successor. Subsequent to first Caliph three were killed. None of them were divine, were good muslim but with ambition and had no method of selection. They were all one big family.Do not ask me about Hazrat Abubakar 1400 years latter and I am not Arab but South Asian Sunni with Shia relatives . I can not take sides but think as neutral observer. I was not there. History is not very reliable because good element of verbal transmission is there. I can feel your pain for honest discussion . I mentioned Mujib to emphasize the ambition in a political atmosphere. What we need is pure law and order as a state policy and rule of the majority and let the chip fall where they will. Iran and Iraq will have Shia dominated government and Syria will have Sunni dominated government. Free expression of opinion on even field should be our aim. Manipulation should be avoided though its not always possible. Free market concept will bring an optimum life style. We should promote spirituality on voluntary basis in the practice of Islam and not man made laws of Sharia which do not make sense today. Morals can not be legislated neither we can control our women through multiple marriages at younger and younger age. They make half of the population and should have a chance to participate in country’s affair. There are seven billion people in this diverse world and can not be controlled by practicing Arab culture. Let us practice spiritual Islam of ethical life and contended soul as Quran teaches us.


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