Individual and Islam

17 Oct

I guess you and I are exactly saying the same thing except in different order. To me Islam lies in the words of Quran as revealed to messenger and not in subsequent history of its interpretation by various Arab and Iranian and central Asian Scholars for people where literacy rate was under 1% and extended over three hundred years and some of the creation of fertile mind. Just think how many dozen Tafseers are available. I have struggled with it as a believer. After reading Quran multiple times the message looks to be’ honesty and good moral’ values that is Taqwa. That is the core of the teaching. After you close the holy book and think about it as a whole then two thing rise in the understanding that ethical life and attaining of contended soul is the main issue. This you can only have in living an spiritual life of piety. It is humanly not possible to attain this according to understanding of others but according to capability endowed in the individual. Thus the concept of individual responsibility makes sense for reward and punishment for life hereafter and contended self ( Nafs Mutmaina ) in this world.To me its that simple. I have no need for Hadees which does not jive with Quran and man made Sharia and principle of jurisprudence espoused by four Sunni and twelve Shia Imam. With my understanding Islam is for all time for the mankind, 
NO place for spirituality of the monks , grave worship or beggary etc. Do you agree?


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