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22 Nov

Problems have been there for ever, He is recognizing them now and knows no more extensions for him. Our quality of people is poor as they are drawn from a smaller pool. We have dearth of talent We have 2% collage graduates ,not an adequate Critical mass to produce excellence. To remedy it our social structure has to change 95% land is owned by 5%of the people. Our education level is like sub Sahara Africa. We must pay compliment to Musharraf for opening 68 universities . Local government introduced by him is the only way to have participation and training of masses for political awareness and leadership.Its not only changed but fragmented. We are going to be ruled by those who won’t be answerable to us. Our social structure should produce informed productive citizen who are knowledgeable and that can only happen with education and basic political education to masses and agrarian reform and manageable provinces. At the moment we only beg Allah to give us everything in this world without effort and Jannah hereafter and resent the west because they are prosperous. We are talking about Ummah which does not exist an abstract concept unifying 68 extremely diverse people.It is a fool’s paradise.Why there is no Christian , jewish Ummah. Its not there because they are realistic.



16 Nov

Logic is simple. We are constitutional democracy which has proven to be the worst form of government for some but there is none better than democracy. It treats people equally. Law is the method of the day If people like you have aversion for Shia traditions , Jirga system , honor killings and lot of other traditions and custom then try to find the answer in the constitution as law abiding citizen. The only yardstick is uniform application of law. True, law may not meet your emotional needs and discomforting events.The best example is if you can understand is the black and white problem in United States for the last 300 years but see who is the president and still 35% whites who in my view are bigots oppose it. We have a system of laws if its not broken by any group then the state should not be concerned and let the masses have individual freedom which is the inalienable right of every citizen.

Genetics and marriage

2 Nov

Our problem is quality of people and poor quality of education which they get. This is one issue which is difficult to explain in all muslim countries. Is it our religion which encourages mediocrity. Beside our graduates according to estimate range from 2 to 5 %. This also includes from religious institutions as well as those who have fraudulent degree. Numbers are not enough.
We do have an experimental model which is pure and has no variable between Indian Punjab now consisting of three states and our present Punjab. There can not be any more uniform group and similar in every respect. This group in India consist of second most prosperous area after State of Gujrat. We have feudal lords , we have different religion and 79% marry mostly first cousin. It looks marrying in the family shows a great discrepancy than Indian Punjab.Are we breeding out the intelligence and reducing the intelligence and drive. Is religion contributing towards apathy and excessive reliance on the unkown. Why all muslim countries are backward. I think various factors contribute in production of inferior beings. In golden time of Islam there was greater genetic diversity as they were conquering various lands . It is difficult to explain down trodden situation with material blessings as we have today . May be our purpose on this planet is just to pray

Crime rate

2 Nov

Most muslims do not prosper in non muslim countries . India is a very good example.As far as Dilip Kumar , Khans , Sania Mirza and other muslim in various fields are concerned are class by themselves, that is personal excellence accepted by the whole nation as a whole for their own entertainment. The country ,society and religion has nothing to do with it. Good example are blacks in US. Muslims at large do not have higher crime rate. It depends on the social dynamic of the country. USA has much higher rate than Europe and France has the lowest crime rate in EU. It is always associated it looks with discrepancy in social services. French only work 35 hours by law. In Pakistan anxiety level is quite high . Punjab in spite of richest province has increasing crime rate though its peaceful. Majority of muslims are not violent.Do not forget they are 1.4 billion and most of the difficulties are in non democratic countries, If we stay with democracy things will correct themselves.