Crime rate

2 Nov

Most muslims do not prosper in non muslim countries . India is a very good example.As far as Dilip Kumar , Khans , Sania Mirza and other muslim in various fields are concerned are class by themselves, that is personal excellence accepted by the whole nation as a whole for their own entertainment. The country ,society and religion has nothing to do with it. Good example are blacks in US. Muslims at large do not have higher crime rate. It depends on the social dynamic of the country. USA has much higher rate than Europe and France has the lowest crime rate in EU. It is always associated it looks with discrepancy in social services. French only work 35 hours by law. In Pakistan anxiety level is quite high . Punjab in spite of richest province has increasing crime rate though its peaceful. Majority of muslims are not violent.Do not forget they are 1.4 billion and most of the difficulties are in non democratic countries, If we stay with democracy things will correct themselves.


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