Genetics and marriage

2 Nov

Our problem is quality of people and poor quality of education which they get. This is one issue which is difficult to explain in all muslim countries. Is it our religion which encourages mediocrity. Beside our graduates according to estimate range from 2 to 5 %. This also includes from religious institutions as well as those who have fraudulent degree. Numbers are not enough.
We do have an experimental model which is pure and has no variable between Indian Punjab now consisting of three states and our present Punjab. There can not be any more uniform group and similar in every respect. This group in India consist of second most prosperous area after State of Gujrat. We have feudal lords , we have different religion and 79% marry mostly first cousin. It looks marrying in the family shows a great discrepancy than Indian Punjab.Are we breeding out the intelligence and reducing the intelligence and drive. Is religion contributing towards apathy and excessive reliance on the unkown. Why all muslim countries are backward. I think various factors contribute in production of inferior beings. In golden time of Islam there was greater genetic diversity as they were conquering various lands . It is difficult to explain down trodden situation with material blessings as we have today . May be our purpose on this planet is just to pray


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