16 Nov

Logic is simple. We are constitutional democracy which has proven to be the worst form of government for some but there is none better than democracy. It treats people equally. Law is the method of the day If people like you have aversion for Shia traditions , Jirga system , honor killings and lot of other traditions and custom then try to find the answer in the constitution as law abiding citizen. The only yardstick is uniform application of law. True, law may not meet your emotional needs and discomforting events.The best example is if you can understand is the black and white problem in United States for the last 300 years but see who is the president and still 35% whites who in my view are bigots oppose it. We have a system of laws if its not broken by any group then the state should not be concerned and let the masses have individual freedom which is the inalienable right of every citizen.


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