22 Nov

Problems have been there for ever, He is recognizing them now and knows no more extensions for him. Our quality of people is poor as they are drawn from a smaller pool. We have dearth of talent We have 2% collage graduates ,not an adequate Critical mass to produce excellence. To remedy it our social structure has to change 95% land is owned by 5%of the people. Our education level is like sub Sahara Africa. We must pay compliment to Musharraf for opening 68 universities . Local government introduced by him is the only way to have participation and training of masses for political awareness and leadership.Its not only changed but fragmented. We are going to be ruled by those who won’t be answerable to us. Our social structure should produce informed productive citizen who are knowledgeable and that can only happen with education and basic political education to masses and agrarian reform and manageable provinces. At the moment we only beg Allah to give us everything in this world without effort and Jannah hereafter and resent the west because they are prosperous. We are talking about Ummah which does not exist an abstract concept unifying 68 extremely diverse people.It is a fool’s paradise.Why there is no Christian , jewish Ummah. Its not there because they are realistic.


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