True Leader

8 Dec

As I said before hang around and you will agree with me. Pakistan is in my blood and I am like a brick in the foundation, I feel every jolt. I do not believe in speculation though I hear many because of knowing people with knowledge in Lahore . Anybody who has done wrong wether CJ , Musharraf , Zardari . Sharif and their Holiness the “Mullah ” should bear the consequences. We have to be purist for the love of our country. My criteria is in strict constitutional democracy and fair periodic elections . Parliament should be supreme , though one may see the tyranny of majority once in a while , if that happens let the voters take care of it . Micromanagement by any institution should not be allowed. Secular set up allows complete freedom of basic human values including freedom of religion and not otherwise with theocracy which is a permanent community tyranny imposed on populace. A theostatic culturally muslim state was the aim of Pakistan movement. If you follow the historical evolution since 1906 you will find that it was the aim in a secure defined borders , Many leaders over time played there part and died. Nobody was better or superior including Gama on Allama Iqbal Road in Lahore. Jinnah took the command at the end of the line and did his job well. He is the Father of the Nation and his words are final. Zardari , Kyani and Iftikhar are history. We can dissect their acts but they should not have any bearing on the present decision making. Thats how democracy evolves.You are living in one of the most democratic country. See what happens to ex president. The sanctity given to the elected president over rules everything and thats why I respected Zardari . I did not care for him with dubious history. He was elected by the biggest majority in Pakistan history with fair election. Credit should be given to him for diluting the power of presidency and gave away the authority which brought difficulties in the past. He also was the glue which held the democratic institution together and for the first times in history had a peaceful transfer of power after a full term. You know how Sharif brothers and CJ made things difficult for him. Thats why I call him a master politician. If we can separate Musharraf the dictator to Musharraf the leadr then lot of credits are due to him, Local government reform with Nazim system was an excellent vehicle to train politicians, administrators , local control and Psyche for political maturity. Establishment of 62 institution of higher learnings , development of Independent media will be remembered as his everlasting contribution unless they are reversed. I wish Sharif brothers will come out of traders mentality but I think there is genetic deficiency. $ 4.2 million watch is hard to explain. I am not writing this to win a cookie point or win an argument but to point out that anybody who has a vision for long term is a true leader. It helps if they are also good administrator.


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