8 Mar
    • Sir, its a vast subject in itself. However I will try to give you a very short glimps of it.

      The history of Madrasa education in India starts with the establishment of Maktabs and Madrasas in the towns of Sind, Dabel, Mansura, Multan by the Arab traders and settlers in 10th Century. Oudh, Multan, Lahore, Khairabad, Patna, Surat, Delhi, Agra, were the main centres of Madrasa education and Islamic studies. They multiplied during the period of Muhammad Ghouri, Iltutmish, Allauddin Khilji, Tughloq and Sikandar Lodhi. The surveys revealed that in 1995 there were about 125000 Madrassas in India. The Madrassas has provided us qualified leaders in religious as well as Social and Political spheres.

      However, the education in these institution were short of definite aims and objectives, unscientific approaches, lack of basic facilities like buildings, classrooms, furniture, blackboards and other equipments. The teachings techniques were traditional and outdated, lacking coordination between sects, defective system of examination and evaluation, poor financial conditions of teachers and institutions, lack planning and coordination etc. Madarassas are also lacking in innovations, experimentation and researches. A lot of thought have gone into it to integrate them with modern education system of the country. The linkages were established between these madarassas authorities and training institutes of Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad. Madarassas now have linkages with main stream Universities like Jamia Millia Islamia, Aligarh University etc. A lot of emphasis is also provided to education of Muslim and rural girls who are lagging behind in Indian education system.

      The Ministry of Human Resources Development, GOI has made an elaborated “Scheme to Provide Quality Education in Madrasas (known as SPQEM Scheme). It is for qualitative improvement in Madrasa education to integrate them with national education system. To know details about the Scheme and its working please visit:… .

      The Zakat Foundation of India is also helping a lot in this direction. Please visit:… . Just a search hit to ‘SPQEM Scheme’ will make you understand the working of this movement in different states of India.

        thoughtpurification  SKChadha • 2 days ago

        Thank you for your elaborate answer.We are 98% muslim country and a system of education on the model of AMU will be a good model. Up to high school we do not need brain washing system but rather brain developing system in 98% of the population. Christian western models are another useful system

          SKChadha  thoughtpurification • 2 days ago

          Thanks, One has to select the best from all systems for human growth in this competitive world.

            thoughtpurification  SKChadha • a day ago

            System for growth should divorce religion .

              SKChadha  thoughtpurification • a day ago

              I disagree, Sir.

              To me no religion, faith or deen teach us to do it. We have many Institutions in India apart from Aligarh Muslim University’ and they are of International acclamation. Such Islamic centers include ‘Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi’, ‘Hamdard University, New Delhi’, ‘Osmania University, Hyderabad’ Aliah University, Kolkata’, ‘Anjuman-i-Islam, Mumbai’, ‘Darul Uloom Deoband, Saharanpur’. Please visit their sites and understand the work performed by them in the field of education and training. It is not only Islamic educational centers which are on focus. The institutions of other faiths (only few mentioned) include like ‘Banaras Hindu University, Banaras’, ‘Gurukul Kangdi Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar’, ‘Magadh University, Bodh Gaya (Buddhism)’, ‘Christ University, Bangalore’ and hundreds of Christian Collages affiliated to Churces of North and South India providing quality education to pupil. The need is of their integration and exchange of thoughts for betterment of mankind.

              ‘Madrasatul Uloom’ was also founded by Syed Ahmad Khan in 1875 at Aligarh with this intent. Syed Ahmad was painfully conscious of the plight of Indian Muslims who were blissfully ignorant of the various developments in the field of Western sciences and philosophy and wallowed in a state of nostalgia about their glorious feudal past. Syed Ahmad realized the need of the hour – the desperate need of the Muslims to acquire contemporary education and learn the English language, which the conservatives resisted as the language spoken by the ‘mushriks’. He launched, with a missionary zeal, to establish a madrasa, a school where the Indian Muslim youth would receive definite guidelines about their future. Keeping in mind the Islamic concept of ‘deen’ balanced with ‘duniya’. This was foundation of what the entire world sees today as ‘Aligarh Muslim University’. The Centre for Promotion of Science, Aligarh Muslim University is doing commendable job to integrate Islamic values with modern requirement of the humanity.

                thoughtpurification  SKChadha • a day ago

                What you wrote is right .but when religion is integrated with growth as a national policy then it is injurious, By the way the institutions which you mentioned happened under non religious system,. Syed Ahmad Khan was opposed and abused by the religiously inclined individuals and organizations. See what Taliban did in Afghanistan tough they are sitting more than trillion $ of wealth underground.

                  SKChadha  thoughtpurification • 16 hours ago

                  I do not deny what you said. It is correct that institutions which I mentioned were established during British Period. However, the Indian history what we read can’t forget the contribution of Akbar in education which continued during the period of Shahjahan and Jahangir. Read about education in India at:… . Read page 259-261 about Mughal contribution in promoting education. Read in more detail at:… .

                  It is also true that Mughal’s were invaders and nobody accept invaders. But when we discuss historical facts, most of us believe that we have neither been indoctrinated by our main stream educational institutions/ government nor any move in this direction is acceptable to communities.


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