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Our ills.

12 May

I do agree and accept it as a cultural land mark Look in the mirror of the nation it is a burned face and chopped nose . This is going on for generations.Have you heard any Khutba in the mosque ? It appears our religion supports it and there is no Hadith against it. Educating women will make them independent and bring up civilized citizen so we burn the schools.Subjugation and keeping a people in bondage is our i fate. No political party talks about feudal except MQM but with their media reputation we don’t have to hear from them. We have to put in concerted efforts to do what is undoable.1 Ask the religious pulpit to raise their voice every Friday against this and other barbarian and unethical issues.Doesn’t Islam teach us to lead a pious life ? Is this not Taqwa ?. 2.School for girls if we want to change the culture in the long run and bring prosperity to the country. 3. Mother of all problems , the feudal system to release people from subjugation and bondage and make the country the granary of Umma if not for others. Alas this will not happen as our ruling class is busy in victimization and we have no visionary as well as quality of people is poor because of mental subjugation and the kind of Islam we practice.